This is a required course at Plymouth High School.  It is designed to promote involvement in the American Government.  Along with emphasis on structure and function of our government, students will be introduced to current issues within the nation and develop skills to establish their views on government.  Along with the government, students will learn about the economic system of the United States and personal finance to be prepared for their future lives.

During this class, students will learn the importance of a strong family, how to know when you are ready to become a parent, discover the development of a child from conception to adolescents. Other topics that will be covered are childcare and children with special needs. The student will also be required to complete the baby think it over program over one weekend during the second 9 weeks. Through this class students will obtain a better understanding of the responsibilities that come with being a parent and understand the development of a child from conception to adolescents.

This is a required course for graduation.  It covers American history around Reconstruction through present day.

This is an elective course open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

This course serves as the digital notebook for all Resident Educators and their mentors.

Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition is now delivered in a Blended Learning format.  To be considered for enrollment, students must complete all of the summer work assignments in a timely manner with a grade of B- or higher and have maintained (for school year 2011-12) a B or higher in Honors English 3 or English 3.  If the actual number of enrollees exceeds the suggested number of enrollees (22-25), we will add guidance department input and teacher discretion as enrollment factors.  

This is an elective course worth 1/2 credit.

This is an elective course for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Students not passing the required English course their freshman year, can take this credit recovery course in order to stay on track for graduating on time.  In addition to the course work, students will be required to meet periodically with the instructor at school during the scheduled times.  Students may also be required to take the necessary state assessments in order to gain credit for the course.